The term ‘chemsex’ means ‘sex while using drugs’. The drugs commonly used in the UK are:

• Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth / Tina)

• Mephedrone (Meow / Meph)

• GHB / GBL (G)

Drugs can make us feel confident, part of the group, relaxed and hornier. For some guys sex and drugs/alcohol go hand in hand. If you choose to use drugs, we want you to look after yourself and protect your sexual health.

We know that mixing sex and drugs often leads to risky sexual behaviour. We also understand that everyone makes a personal choice about when and where they choose to use drugs.

Apart from becoming dependent, the biggest risk can be that drugs cloud judgement or make you unaware of what you’re doing or what you have done. Whether it’s one-on-one sex or group sex, it’s not uncommon for guys to take sexual risks. If you are going to get involved in chemsex, it is important that you know how to keep you and your partners as safe as possible.

The Friday/Monday website by THT gives you practical advice about safer drug taking, and how to lower the chance of sexual health risks when mixing drugs and sex.

More information on drugs and sex can be found on THTs Friday/Monday website.

If you want to make some changes to your chemsex use, you can work your way through this care plan.