Cruising and Cottaging are HIGH RISK

Meeting strangers for sex in public (cruising) is risky. Unless you know someone’s status, you could catch HIV. Learn more about how to stay safe.

Things to think about:

• Be prepared – always carry condoms and lubricant

• Know where you are – know the area and how to get out

• Be aware – drink/drugs can affect your judgement

• Trust your gut instincts – if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it

• Be discreet – keep a low profile and out of public view

• Belongings – never carry valuables or lots of cash in your wallet

Is it legal?

Being in a cruising area is not illegal neither is carrying condoms, lubricant nor health leaflets. However, if you are caught engaging in sex or displaying yourself in an indecent way there can be a serious consequences as this is illegal.

The Police are aware of the sensitivities surrounding cruising areas and do not actively patrol or intervene, unless there is a report of a serious crime happening.

How do I report a crime?

If you have been a victim of, or a witness to a crime please report it, this can go a long way to making things safer out there for you and others. You can report a crime anonymously in various ways by following the instructions in the Hate Crime page

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