How to use Condoms

Before sex

Make sure your condom has the British Standard Kitemark (this means the condom has been safety tested) or the CE European standard mark (meaning the factory has been tested).

Check the expiry date of the condom.

Open the package carefully (don’t use your teeth!)

Make sure the tip is pointing up and the ring is on the outside.

Pinch the tip and keep it pinched as you place the condom on the erect penis or sex toy.

Place the condom on an erect penis or sex toy and roll it as far down as it will go.

The condom should be removed before the penis has totally lost the erection otherwise the contents may spill out.

After Sex

  • When finished, hold on to the bottom of the condom when withdrawing the penis, this stops the condom slipping off.
  • Make sure no semen spills out by tying a knot in the condom. Put it in a bin, not the toilet.
  • If you have sex again, use a new condom.